Monday, May 15, 2006

The view from my desk...

Looking out my window at work I can see a garden. It's not a garden on the ground. I work in a brownstone in Harlem and my office is on the fifth floor. Across the street, on top of another brownstone is a roof top garden.

Often at the end of the day the woman and her children are outside tending to the plants that they have on their roof garden. I can see that they are growing some small trees, climbing roses, herbs and flowers. I also suspect that there are many things planted on the floor of the roof that I cannot see for they often bend over to pull weeds, plant and move things. Today, I realized I'm jealous.

The day here in NYC started out with cold pouring rain. A very damp and dreary Monday - the kind that makes me wish I had stayed home in bed. Around 4pm the sun started to come out and blue sky appeared. Movement started to occur across the street on the roof and all I could think about was the lavender that I planted 6 years ago next to the stone steps at the house that I used to own in Wisconsin. The wild asparagus patch - I wonder if the woman who bought my house enjoys it as much as I did. The vegetable garden that I would plant each spring. The tulips, bleeding heart, lupine and other perennials that grew on my property. I miss gardening.


Adrianna said...

And I miss beaches and swimming pools... so nice to be out of NYC for a few days!