Saturday, May 13, 2006

S'mores - mmmmm!

You've had s'mores, right? A toasted marshmallow placed on a piece of chocolate between two graham crackers. I'm sitting at DTUT a coffee shop on Second Ave between 84th & 85th in NYC and three little girls and their Mom are making s'mores.

Now my memories of making s'mores as a child are very different. Growing up in the Midwest meant that we went camping. S'mores were made over a roaring camp fire. The art of making a s'more then was to put the marshmallow so close to the coals of the fire that even the inside of the marshmallow got gooey but not too close that the outside of the marshmallow would burn. Truly an art!

I guess it doesn't matter how you make a s'more whether it's while camping or as fondue - just that you have. If you haven't you should! There's nothing better than gooey marshmallow and chocolate - the graham crackers are good, too - but only there to hold the melting chocolate and gooey marshmallow together.

By the way, thinking about camping brings back memories of snipe hunting. Hmmm, sounds like a topic for a later blog entry.


Anonymous said...

mmmm -- SMORES! (prefer them a little burnt crusty myself)

Snipes?... It's rumored that there's a tiny village community of snipes quietly living underground in secret gardens at Central Park. On dark late nights at the end of every other even month (but only when it's overcast and misty), if take quiet steps while wearing a miner's hat and holding a staff and lantern...