Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gov't Wake Up!!!

Why is everyone so surprised that gas/oil prices have gone up so much? My Mom and I discussed the fact that food prices have gone up already. This shouldn't shock anyone either. Come on America - does the Government really care about the lower middle class and working poor in this country?

1. We go to war. A war that has gone on too long Yes, after 911 we should have done something but war - not sure that was the answer.
2. Real estate prices go up and up and cap.
3. Katrina hits and the American public loses what little faith they had in the Republican Government. (Those of us who are happily Democratic never had any faith and weren't surprised by Bush's government screwing up - after all he wasn't trying to save wealthy Texan oil owners.)
3. Oil/Gas prices increase dramatically.
4. Farmers are now having difficulty paying to run the machinery to harvest our food with, feed their livestock and they didn't make a lot money to begin with. Just because gas/oil prices go up doesn't mean that they can sell milk or grain for a higher price. Commodity pricing is set by the markets. Yikes!
5. This means that food prices are going to go up for all of us! And if those of you in the Midwest thought food was expensive - huh - join me grocery shopping in Manhattan. Shocking!

Just wait America - once gas/oil prices start to effect the farmers it is only a matter of time before it hits all the items that we buy. And once it effects the retail market - it hits the stock market. I dare you to watch the quarterly earnings results (end of June - more importantly at the end of September) for your favorite brands and/or stores that trade publically. Nabisco, WalMart, It could hit the stock market in a very negative way.

Government - it's not the wealthy in this country that keep the economy even. It's the lower middle class and working class poor! When is the Government going to start to pay more and better attention to those who actual make this country great? Remember it's the garbage men, factory worker, farmer, public school teacher, mechanic, etc that feel it the most (because their salary is low) after paying taxes not the CEO of some top traded company. Pisses me off!