Monday, September 18, 2006

National Singles Week

So, there's a whole week set aside to celebrate being single. Who knew? National Singles Week.

At first I thought that this sounded ridiculous - there's a holiday to celebrate being single?!?
Come on - - I don't need a reason to celebrate being single. I do that whenever I go out to dinner with friends, go to a movie alone, out dinner alone... who am I kidding, if I had total control over the situation I wouldn't be single. It sucks. I love my independence but the 'lonely' is miserable.

But, if you read the article from ABC News that I linked to the title above you'll read that there are many options for us single people to aide us in finding love and thus not being single any favorite - Oh, there is a site for those of you that want to date republicans but I'm not sure why anyone would consciously date a republican. (giggle - the liberal me showing my colors, sorry)

Ahhh, back to National Singles Week.

Congratulations to all my single friends - celebrate your singleness. Kisses and love to you - anyone want to go grab a drink and check out the other singles in NYC? Census says that 50% of the people living in NYC are single. I wonder where they all are?

Friday, September 15, 2006

New York in Autumn

The Union Square Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning during September and October is my favorite place to hang out. I take a cup of coffee and usually buy a muffin from a vendor and then I walk and watch. I love the colors that the Autumn harvest brings to the market. The food just pops because the colors are so vibrant. Going early and watching the restaurant people pick up their orders is fun but for me I prefer the late morning 10:30ish time. You get a nice mix of regulars and then others who just stopped by to take a look. The more crowded the more fun to watch.

I strongly recommend the crab cakes from the fish guy (PE & DD Seafood) – but it means you must get there by 10:30 or they’ll be gone.

Walking in Central Park through The Ramble makes me feel like I’m back home in Wisconsin hiking. I can escape the city a little – I highly recommend it!

I love Autumn - - hmmm I think I’ll need to plan to travel to Paris and Southern France next year at this time.