Monday, September 18, 2006

National Singles Week

So, there's a whole week set aside to celebrate being single. Who knew? National Singles Week.

At first I thought that this sounded ridiculous - there's a holiday to celebrate being single?!?
Come on - - I don't need a reason to celebrate being single. I do that whenever I go out to dinner with friends, go to a movie alone, out dinner alone... who am I kidding, if I had total control over the situation I wouldn't be single. It sucks. I love my independence but the 'lonely' is miserable.

But, if you read the article from ABC News that I linked to the title above you'll read that there are many options for us single people to aide us in finding love and thus not being single any favorite - Oh, there is a site for those of you that want to date republicans but I'm not sure why anyone would consciously date a republican. (giggle - the liberal me showing my colors, sorry)

Ahhh, back to National Singles Week.

Congratulations to all my single friends - celebrate your singleness. Kisses and love to you - anyone want to go grab a drink and check out the other singles in NYC? Census says that 50% of the people living in NYC are single. I wonder where they all are?


Adrianna said...

Party-affiliated dating sites? Interesting idea. That must be useful for single Dems in states like Texas...