Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm not Wonder Woman - unfortunately!

As a young girl growing up the 70’s I wanted to be Wonder Woman. You know the television series that aired from ‘76-’79 with Lynda Carter in it. She used a lasso, she could be invisible, she had extraordinary strength and she threw that Frisbee/Boom-a-rang thing. I used to pretend that I was Wonder Woman as a kid.

Well, carrying my laundry home yesterday I wished that I was Wonder Woman and quickly realized that I am definitely not! Very disappointing! I also realized that I can never carry 25lbs of anything five and half blocks again.


bone said...

when i was a kid i wanted to be like he man (did you have he man in the states?) also when i was a little bit older i kinda wanted to be superman just cause he was like super strong and could fly an stuff. iv watched repeats of wonder woman an i have to say wonder woman was pretty hot. 8~>

Anonymous said...

You are Wonder Woman!... don't let you or anyone tell you differently!

Adrianna said...

I second that. You are a wonderful Wonder Woman!