Saturday, May 20, 2006

Saturday at DTUT

I hang out at DTUT on the Upper East Side quite often on the weekends. It’s a great coffee shop; laid back, fabulous music, couches, chairs and at night they serve beer and wine. Sometimes it is difficult to find a seat especially if there is an event going on in back but if you go late morning on the weekend you’ll have no problem. It’s very much the neighborhood coffee shop.

I have to admit that I’m a little surprised, not exactly sure why, but I am, that there is also a mutual respect that the patrons have for one another. There is free wireless internet so there are many people with their laptops. The mutual respect plays out most when someone needs to leave their seat to visit the counter or the restroom. No one takes everything with them - we all leave our computer on the chair/couch, our bag on the floor and go about our business. It’s a little amazing that we all return to our seats with everything right where we left it. I guess I shouldn’t be so amazed but the small town girl in me still is.

Added note: today at DTUT there was a birthday party - it must have had a princess theme. Young girl (age 4 and below) exited past me dressed in their princess outfits. Absolutely adorable!