Monday, July 31, 2006

Being Center of the Universe...

...well, at least my Universe.

I was congratulated today for being the center of the universe again. (Long story about why, so you'll just have to understand that it was a very appropriate statement.) I giggled.

I do have a way of demanding attention - always have. All of my family and friends who are reading this and have known me most of my life will completely agree. I was the child that made all the noise - talked incessantly. Whether I demanded attention in a positive or a negative way I didn't care as long as you were paying attention to me that was all that mattered. Psychologically speaking I'll blame my Mom & Dad - I was the first born and the first grandchild on my Mom's side of the family. I got all the attention - once my brother came into the picture - I had to demand it. He was soooo cute and quiet - unbelievably quiet. He didn't speak until he was three. He didn't have to - I did it for him. hee hee

I would hope that I've grown out of it - at least a little. I certainly am aware that there are things that are much bigger than me in this world. But, I will admit that I do still like to be the center of my universe.

Thanks Michael for reminding me that I was back in control - at least for the moment. Kisses.


Anonymous said...

Did I read the blog post, yes. And I've been told by 'Ms. Center of the Universe', in no uncertain terms, to write something quick ("snap to it boy"). An expectation of immediate attention, you bet! (reinforcing the point) Now everyone in blogworld knows what only a selected handful have suspected for quite a long time: Lori is indeed at the epicenter of the (err... her) World. She masters it with the wisdom of Solomon, the power of a rolling tsunmai and grace of a dancing gazelle, all while remaining humble and even-handed to those who pass in front of her. (coughs, wading boots are on now). Yes, Lori, you ARE the center, all things revolve... and we all know, love and appreciate you for it! (P.S. Was this fast and good enough?) :) luv M

Lori said...


Of course one is expected to comment when their name appears in the blog! Nicely done.


Adrianna said...

Cute post, missy. Made me laugh.

You can be the center of my universe any day - except when I'm talking... :)