Friday, July 21, 2006

Hoops & Yoyo

Yes, for those of you who don't know this sounds like a strange title for my blog entry and you're probably wondering what it is all about. Well....

Work has been a little stressful this week (I'm beginning a major data conversion project that is expected to last until the end of September) and I joked with my boss that I was either going to gain 20 lbs eating my way through the stress or become an alcoholic and enjoy multiple martinis. My boss told me that the drinking might be more fun. :)

Anyway, to keep me on task and to allow me to giggle every once in a while I've decide to chew gum (this will also help me not eat) and visit the Hoops & Yoyo website. They make me giggle. They are a pink cat and a green bunny that Hallmark has created. They talk, sing, have e-cards, a newsletter and other fun things on thier site. Visit them and say hi for me.


Anonymous said...


So you went on a diet... You must be working very hard. What amazes me about American and English people is the fact the don´t have a proper meal at noon. They have sandwiches for lunch. Here as well but we have different kind of meals.

I tell you what... Best thing to lose some weight is to be in love (giggles). Or better to say when you have a broken heart. It works better than chewing gum. Or eat salad for a month...:)

I also enjoy wine and rain. But I think I prefer much more the sunshine. I hate long rainy days but quite enjoy snowy days.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, say no to snacking all day (unless its green, leafy or spouting), but do look forward to that martini after work! Relax, one day at a time... it's only work, after all. But as you ARE the 'Data Queen', you'll be fine. :)

Adrianna said...

I love those two cuties. They make me laugh a lot. And what is this diet talk? You are gorgeous as you are! And you never gain 20 pounds from stress... I've seen you stressed. I think you're more likely to lose 20 pounds.

Maya said...

Well, it's official--you have crashed the Hoops and Yoyo's website (they are, as of just seconds ago when I clicked on the link, experiencing technicaL difficulties). You might have more traffic (maybe from singles from a certain foreign country...?) to your blog than you originally thought :)

You see, which only proves that you are one sexy mama who doesn't need salads or martinis to enjoy life.

Lori said...

Love to you all - thanks for the support!