Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Old news...but...

A co-worker paid me back today for lunch that I bought last week. She paid all in ones - made me feel rich. (giggle)

On of the bills was a Where's George stamp. I haven't seen one of these in years. I remember all the hype back in 1999/2000 that this made. Articles were published about it in all the top magazines and it was on the news. Basically, people stamped currency with a wheresgeorge.com stamp in the hopes that people would then register the bill online thus the bill could be tracked as it exchanged hands all over the world.

I remember doing it when all the news first came out so I thought wow this bills probably been all over - I'm curious so I'll register it.

My bill had no activity since it was first registered in 2003. Totally disappointing! It made me wonder if anyone does this anymore and sure enough Gary Wattsburg is the top user he's registered 512,583 bills. It made me wonder - who has that much time?