Sunday, October 29, 2006

Angels Here On Earth

My Grandfather passed away on Friday. He had a wonderful life and I believe that he is in a happier place free of pain now. While admitted to hospice he was in the company of angels.

My Mom shared stories of his last day here. The hospice nurses were the most gentle and compassionate people that she has ever witnessed. Bless you. My Mom also told me about Scooter. I've always believed that some animals have special powers, that they can sense things before we humans can and that they are blessings because of their unconditional love that they share.

Scooter is a cat who lives in the hospice ward. He has a 'sixth sense' according to the nurses - he knows who's going to pass and he keeps them company until they do. Even if the patient doesn't like cats Scooter finds a corner of the room and stays. Maybe Scooter does it to comfort the person who is dying, to relax them so they are comfortable, maybe to relax the family who is there to say goodbye or maybe he eases their pain. Scooter stayed with my grandfather - on his bed - until he passed away. There is a part of me who likes to think that he was there to greet him, to show him the way, to help him say goodbye and to comfort him.

I like the thought that there are angels here on earth - people and animals who comfort those of us in time of need, who are gentle and kind and who provide unconditional love. Thanks to Scooter, the hospice nurses, my family and to my friends, my family away from home, you're my angels.

I encourage everyone to enjoy an Eskimo Pie - a vanilla ice cream bar with chocolate coating - toast my Grandfather. One of my favorite memories is when my Grandfather would sneak up behind me and take a huge bit out of my Eskimo Pie. He'd smile really big, widen his eyes, lick his lips and laugh. Kisses, Gramps, I'll miss you.


Leeloo said...

lovely thoughts. they warm my heart and make me feel close to your grandpa. All the best to you and your family.