Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Streaming Music

I love to stream music while at work. My excuse - ipod does not allow me to transfer the music from it. I can only add music to my ipod from a computer not the other way around. So, I can't transfer my favorite music from my home computer to my work computer without burning a cd and bringing it in.

So, I've recently discovered this great site called www.pandora.com. Pandora is site that the Music Genome Project started. I like it because I can create different stations based on my mood. Songs stay in the station by you voting on whether or not you like it. Songs are also suggested by Pandora based on the type of music and other similarities. So, I can have one station with the music my brother would listen to (read previous post - My Recent Music Addiction) and many others based on other preferences.

The other cool thing is that I can go home at the end of the day, go online and pick my station from Pandora to listen to.

Check it out!


Maya said...

Thanks! Pandora is a very cool find. I will certainly be using it.