Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sometimes my ‘what the f*&^?’ comes out…

I was on the subway to 14th Street to meet Adrianna for dinner – reading a book – minding my own business and a kid gets on the train. She sits next to me and proceeds to suck her thumb. SHE WAS AT LEAST 10 YEARS OLD! What the f*&^?

I walked from 12th St/7th Ave to 13th St/5th Ave and on my way there I was behind a woman who was so going for the in new tapered shorts that come to knee with heals look but SHE SO GOT IT WRONG! Her shoes were expensive five inch heals, her shirt very trendy, her purse expensive Louis Vuitton, her shopping bags from expensive stores but she was wearing wrinkled khaki shorts – the kind that come mid-thigh and have a cuff. What the f*&^?

I couldn’t sleep and I don’t have cable so my options were limited at 11pm est. I could watch David Letterman with guest Paris Hilton or Jay Leno with guest Keanu Reeves. I decided that Keanu was the lesser of two evils. Well, I was wrong. My biggest issue (I’ll put aside how trite and monotone he is): what was his publicist thinking allowing him to wear what he wore? A black suit (the jacket was too small), a worn t-shirt and brown work boots! Why did he think it looked good? Did he show up at the studio late wearing jeans and the t-shirt and they decided he should wear a suit? The suit jacket was too small! It came half way up his forearm when he fidgeted in the chair and talked with his hands. The t-shirt was too big and looked like he had worn it for years. But the kicker – the shoes – work boots? What the f*&^?