Sunday, June 18, 2006

I've been blog lazy lately...

I apologize - I've been pretty lazy lately posting to my blog.

I've been very busy at work creating a donor stewardship plan, donor cultivation plan and expense and revenue budgets for the annual fund - not really blog worthy yet it has consumed my thoughts for the past couple of weeks. Even when not at work my mind has been working.

Today I went to DTUT and surfed the internet. I downloaded some new music; Camera Obscura, Drive by Truckers and Jack Johnson. It will allow me to divorce my thoughts from work by creating a distraction through music. Thank you little brother for the ipod - I don't know what I did before - I use it all the time - it's a great way to unwind!


Anonymous said...

We understand Lori, work sucks us all in from time to time.... but we do miss your blogging! :)