Friday, April 28, 2006

Are you kidding me? Politeness Laws?

Did any of you New Yorkers read the New York Times article on 4/16, "New York Leads Politeness Trend? Get Outta Here!"? Basically the Mayor has put new laws into place that will fine a subway rider $50 for putting his/her feet on the seat, fines for unruly behavior at sporting events and tighter restrictions on car alarms. Are you kidding me?

In a city where a nonprofit organization (The Doe Fund, Inc.) exists just to pick up trash - the Mayor and the City Council members are creating new laws?

Enforce the ones we have!

There is a garbage can on every street corner and I still witness people consciously throwing trash on the sidewalk and in the gutter on a daily basis. When was the last time that the NYPD wrote a ticket for littering?

Manhattan gets dirtier as you travel north. I will never get used to the litter that spans the streets and sidewalks especially at 125th and Lenox in Harlem. I feel sorry for the Doe Fund employee that is there every morning sweeping up the trash that someone so impolitely threw all over the place.

And politeness that is a whole different topic - when was the last time that you said hello to the person that you see everyday at the bus stop or subway platform, that the cashier at your grocery store was courteous and said thank you or that you said good morning to a perfect stranger? New Yorkers, I dare you to say hello to five people that you walk past today on the street.

Oh, and next time you walk past a Doe Fund employee who's cleaning your neighborhood sidewalk and street - say thank you!


Anonymous said...

you tell them Lori. Miss ya.


Anonymous said...

Well, alright then... from across the country - 'Lori for Mayor' -M