Saturday, August 13, 2011

Messages from the Universe and Simple Beauty

I recently participated in an ecourse Do What You Love For Life and to say the least it was life changing. Beth Nicholls is a warm and wonderful host. Her words, thoughts, class activities and her support and feedback was amazing.

Small steps as I move toward my goal of being an artist without a 9-5 job. First, step to post here more often. Two, take more pictures. Three, make more jewelry!!!

Below is a mosiac of photos that took during the ecourse  - challenged to notice what the universe was telling me and to photograph my least favorite color, white, I discovered that I really don't pay attention to the simple things around me as much as I thought...

Do you notice the signs/messages as you walk down the street? What is your least favorite color? Do you notice it? How much of it do you have around you?